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Advertise with the CCGM

e-flyer service

– $350 for members and $700 to non-members.

– Message is sent to more than 2,400 recipients.

– Specifications: image format (PNG or JPG), maximum width 1200 px, text and links and we require 24-hour turnaround time.


– Advertising spots are available in our e-newsletters.

– We publish one newsletter every week during the month.

– Specifications: GIF or image format (PNG or JPG), leaderboard ad (728 px X 90 px), $150 for one, 3 for $400, & 4 for $500.

– Advertising spots are available on our website.
– Specifications: GIF or image format (PNG or JPG), ad format (800 px X 275 px), $199.99 for a month per ad.

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Phone: 506 857-2883


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