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Chamber Priorities:

What We’re Fighting For

WorkSafe NB Rates

In the Fall of 2018, WorkSafeNB unveiled its provisional assessment rates for employers for 2019. After two years of significant rate increases on employers, the proposed 2019 rates were dramatic – the average rate per $100 of assessed payroll was likely to grow from $1.70 in 2018 to $2.92 per $100. The average rate was $1.11 in 2016. This proposed rate, would have imposed an increase of 175% in three years to all organizations of New Brunswick.

The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Moncton is part of a coalition of business groups that has developed an advocacy campaign to press for commitments from all provincial parties to take the steps outlined by an independent task force to curb these unsustainable rate increases and protect the integrity of the workers’ compensation system.

Carbon Pricing

Carbon plan: How it will impact New Brunswick

Earlier this year, the Federal Government required every province to submit a carbon plan. In October, we learned that New Brunswick’s plan was not approved, which means that the Federal Government will impose what is known as the Federal Backstop.

All other Atlantic Canadian provinces reached an agreement with the Federal Government, however, because New Brunswick received the Federal Backstop, there are risks the Backstop could disadvantage consumers and businesses in New Brunswick.

To give you more information on the issue of Carbon pricing, the New Brunswick Business Council presented last year, after the Symposium on Carbon Pricing in New Brunswick was held in January 2017, a report on Meeting the Federal Requirement for a Price on Carbon: Which Approach is right for New Brunswick?

As well, here is a series of links if you want to read more on provincial plans, exemptions and the Federal Levy rates. 

Population Growth and Labour Force Development

New Brunswick is the only province to register a net population decrease in the last census.

We need a plan to grow our population, attract more immigrants and maintain a labour force that meets the needs of our economy.

Tourism Growth

Southeast New Brunswick represents more annual tourism revenue than all of P.E.I. This is a sector key to our region’s growth.

The communities and business community of southeast N.B. need to collaborate to increase tourism infrastructure and revenue.

Airport Development

The Greater Moncton Roméo LeBlanc International Airport is one of the Top 10 economic contributors in the entire province.

Our airport needs equal access to federal infrastructure funding to compete.

Overall tax burden and red tape reduction

New Brunswick businesses are already some of the most over-regulated, over-taxed in North America.

Atlantic red-tape reduction initiative needs to show real bottom-line results. Government has to be cognizant of impact of taxes on business growth.

Minimum Wage

Some provinces are increasing their minimum wage to $15. This would have a drastic impact on New Brunswick businesses that cannot afford such a steep increase in labour costs.

Rather than place the entire burden of offering a ‘livable wage’ on business, a broad-based solution should include raising the basic personal exemption, cheaper access to child-care and education, and cost certainty for business.

Community Priorities:

We Choose Growth

In New Brunswick we have a choice – to manage growth or manage decline. We choose growth. Growth in jobs, growth in population and growth in prosperity. In today’s globally competitive business environment it is the role of the government to create a climate that attracts new business investment to the province while allowing existing businesses to grow and thrive.

​For New Brunswick to reach its full potential there are five key areas of commitment that all political parties must address to create a foundation for companies to maintain and grow employment to ensure that they can compete on the world stage.

Six provincial business organizations are working together to define key issues that will help New Brunswick reach the next level.

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The Chamber of Commerce surveys its members when there are topics that are of concern to the local business community. We also invite you to speak out on issues that you are concerned about or want to bring to our attention. Do you have a concern to share with us? Please let us know by communicating with us!

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